Wise Words From A UFC Fighter

Wise Words From A UFC Fighter

Wise Words From A UFC Fighter..

These words came to me from a pretty surprising source. Before I get into that I want to share a bit of the context.

I was almost at a loss for words

I was in San Antonio at RevGear University taking courses in Business, Martial Arts, and Fitness. After hours and hours of sitting in a chair taking in all the information I can, I hit my breaking point. I had to get on a mat, or at a minimum get some exercise.

Annapolis Self Defense

This is where I met him, Matt Brown, the guy who is quoted saying “To be a better fighter, I had to become a better person.” For those who don’t know Matt is a current UFC fighter who, until recently, was riding a 7 fight win streak. He is fighting with the BEST Professional Fighters in the World and was on a 7 fight WIN STREAK!!! Are you kidding me? That’s incredible.

Matt is planning for a future after fighting, something many professionals avoid doing until it’s too late. He is starting a Combat Sports Workout System and Equipment. The class was great. I got a great workout in and learned a good amount about strength and conditioning as well. You can find his equipment here. I highly recommend it!

To get back to his quote…

Before his 7 fight win streak in the UFC he was on a 3 fight loss streak. People were asking him how he broke out of it. Matts response was that he became a better person. He didn’t change a thing in the gym. All he did was literally become a better person. He sat up straight with good posture, kept his car clean, sat on the couch with good posture etc.

Then he said “the way you do anything is the way you do everything.” It made total since to me. He’s a true martial artist. This is one of the biggest parts of martial arts, and has been for thousands of years.

Pretty cool moment for me. I’ve been looking up to this guy for some time.

Any who, take it in. See how improving things in your life can help your training. If you’re already training you know how much training has helped the rest of your life.

-Coach Danny

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