Team Randori Martial Arts Annapolis, Wins

Team Randori Martial Arts Annapolis, Wins

It was an all-around action packed weekend with Team Randori Martial Arts, Annapolis, MD representing Annapolis, MD on two fronts.  Coach Dameron “The Bruiser” Kirby fought at the Shogun Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fights 16, held at the Royal Farms Arena, in Baltimore, MD and with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team competing at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) Spring Open in New York City.

Here in Baltimore as the evening ensued and the spectators watched many fights the most awaited battle was for Annapolis’ very own Coach Kirby who faced Jason Brown in a rematch.  The first time these Titian’s met in the ring Coach Kirby walked away in victory after knocking out Brown.  Brown personally asked for this rematch any you know it was all serious business for him.  Unfortunately, after three rounds Brown was defeated by Kirby by split decision (29-28, 27-29, 29-28).  This was an epic battle, one we know that will go down in the record books.

Up at the City Colleges of New York, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team, Headed by Black Belt Professor Carlos Eduardo Placido Lima, begin their series of matches.  The team consisted of Megan Pratt, Tom Phillips, Michael Kuhn, Mitch Flores, Al Hogan and Professor Lima. All the competitors represented Annapolis well with Professor Lima, Phillips and Rivera all wining Bronze in their divisions, Hogan wining Gold in his and Pratt winning double Gold in her division.  To add to the excitement. Pratt was awarded her Purple belt for her awesome performance, defeating her competitors although she was out weighted by several pounds.  This was an AWESOME weekend for Team Randori representing Annapolis, Martial Arts.

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