Team Randori Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Team.

Team Randori Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Team.

Yesterday was a spectacular day for our competition team. Professor Carlos Lima competed at the IBJJF New York Spring Open. He fought some tough matches against some talented opponents. He eventually ended up taking Silver. Congratulation Professor Lima "Hard Work Pays" as you embark on the road to the World Masters later this year in Las Vegas, NV.

Switching gears. The Team started the day with Tomas winning he’s first match 9 – 3. It was AWESOME to watch. He worked hard all month and now it’s starting to pay off. So all in all Tomas ended up taking Silver in No-Gi and Gi.

The Newbreed competition was the first tournament for a lot of the kids. They went out there, nervous, not knowing what to expect and put it all on the line. As a Coach and I know as a parent I was super proud of these kids. They may not have placed to get a medal but they definitely fought their hearts out and proved their courage. Emma, Mike, Elisabeth, and Max I have no words to express how proud of you guys I am.

Leaving the competition with medals was Jayden, Taylor, Parker, Kendra, Eric, and Emma. They ran it up leaving with several Gold, Silver and some Bronze medals. We congratulate each child for having the courage to compete no matter the outcome. Osss

Closing the tournament out Coach Miller from Team Randori Wheaton ended up dominating his division. Miller walked away with a Newbreed Gold Belt. Team Randori Wheaton is definitely domination BJJ tournaments. Last weekend Phil took Gold at the IBJJF Washington DC open. That academy is on FIRE…. CONGRATULATIONS guys. Osss

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