TX Team News

TX Team News

2016_Maryland_Jiu_Jitsu_Championships_1This weekend Team Randori had an AWESOME turn-out at the Good Fight Maryland Jiu Jitsu Championship. FB_IMG_1453045910100 The tournament was held at the Annapolis Area Christian School, Kilby Athletic Center, Severn Maryland, and was attended by several local and out of state grapples. Team Randori had several grapplers participate in the tournament. FB_IMG_1453045837026 Kyle, Joe, and Ed all who had tough and grueling matches.  Kyle ended up capturing Silver and Bronze, and Joe took Gold in his match.  Ed had the toughest match of them all and eventually subcome to a submission after several minutes of fighting off a barrage of attacks and attempts by his opponent.  I have only one thing to say about that.  “Well done Ed.”  FB_IMG_1453045884661

So if you see these guys in the academy congratulate them for first having the courage to put it all on the line to test their skills and for representing our team.  We could not have had better representation.   Also give a shout to the folks who went out to support them.  FB_IMG_1453045734217Andrew, Karen, Olga, Dave Jr., Jada, Loretta, Coaches Ken and Danny. So if you’re thinking about competing or just getting out to watch a tournament, stop by and see one of the staff and we will get you all the information you need.

Until then see you on the mat…..Ossss

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