Starting Something New

Starting Something New

worriedFrom time it time I reach back to my roots in psychology to do a little research and doing so came across an awesome article that I thought I had to share.  Over the past couple of days I’ve been looking at the topic of “Why people get stressed out by starting something new.”  In doing my research I came across an article that was right on target published by Alicia H Clark, PsyD PLLC, Licensed Psychologist Washington DC entitled “Stressed Out By Starting Something New? Top 5 Ways to Find Your Footing.”  Alicia’s article talks about the stress attributed to starting a new job, new role, or new stage of life.  She provides a couple of thoughts to help you conquer the anxiety and stress attributed to starting something new.  Here are Alicia’s her suggestions:

1) Limit superfluous anxiety.

2) Embrace anxiety’s quiet messages.

3) Use anxiety to fuel action.

4) Enlist guidance.

5) Engage the power of positive thinking.

Finally, do your best to maintain a mindset that is positive, and recognize your need for confidence and bravery.

Remember adjusting to a new role is a marathon, not a sprint – all we need is a bit of momentum. Staying focused positively on our strengths will keep us motivated and resilient.

The aforementioned suggestions by Alicia are staples that we here at Team Randori try to convey to our new students.  We know how stressful beginning a new exercise regimen can be.  Nevertheless, stepping into a Martial Arts Academy, where you know you have no knowledge, experience and your fitness levels are low.  The stress attributed to this can be momentous.   You constantly question yourself by asking “Will I get hurt, can I learn this, and am I fit enough?”   The way we combat this anxiety is literally to be beside you step by step ensuring your safety, conveying easy understandable instruction and providing motivation, to get you through each class.  If you fail, we fail as we did not do our job.  And we refuse to fail.

You can find more detail and information in regard to this topic on Alicia’s web page at she provides some excellent advice.

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