Star Wars Night Was AWESOME!!!

Star Wars Night Was AWESOME!!!

Last night Team Ran20151218_201406dori Martial Arts Academy had it’s first “Jedi Training” session which was a huge success.  I want to first thank all the parents who brought their kids and their kids friends out to participate in this event.  We had a blast….  12072-MMS-1450552341493-attachment1-IMG_20151218_200035261The night started off with about 15 Jedi candidates who completed the coveted “Jedi Master” physical fitness circuit training table, navigated the obstacle course, practiced secret punches and kicks, mastered their light saber handling skills and finally, learned the correct application and use of “The Force.”  At times throughout the training, it got dicey and we almost lost a couple of the candidates to the “Dark Side” but had it not be Obi Wan Kenobi they would have most certainly been lost.  We finished out the night with Yoda’s favorite snack “Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn” and an en-depth review of “The Return of the Jedi.”  So Annapolis, you are Safe to know that there are several “Jedi Knights” walking among you, of which I’m not at liberty to disclose their identities as they they have sworn allegiance to protect us from the “Dark Side.”

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