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Standing Knee Slice Pass

Standing Knee Slice Pass

So in our basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class we have been working a series of passes from the knees and from standing.  As we were working the traditional standing passes.  I decided to go into my note book and pull out one of the passes that I learned while visiting Alliance Headquarters, Atlanta GA. This pass is the standing Knee Slice Pass.  The concept of this pass is to stand and place you knee into a position, slightly on your chest and between your opponents legs while in the guard as to when you step back and sit down your knee slides directly onto the crouch space of your opponent causing him to open his closed guard and enabling you to begin your pass.   I’ve tried this pass several times during live rolling and in competition and really could not pull it off until I was enlightened with a couple of small details that I incorporated.  Once I incorporated them I was able to successfully pull this pass off.

So you ask what are the details?  Well as promised here they are:

Instead of placing my hands into my opponents underarms or on their shoulders.  I simply grabbed both lapels at shoulder level, made a fist while holding the material and shoved my fists into their armpits.  This prevented wrist locks and increased my ability to gain leverage and space.

Second instead of standing up with my feet beneath my opponent in the traditional “Horse Stance” I placed on foot adjacent to their hip, stood up and placed the second foot directly behind their butt. This enabled me to put my knee closer to my chest so when I stepped back and sat down my knee went directly into the space between I and my opponents crotch.  Thus breaking the closed guard.

If i have not been clear in my description above, just check out the video.  I think the video explains the technique as best as possible and you’ll be able to pick up the basic details and techniques.

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Until then keep training and have fun.  Life is way to short!!!

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