This deal has been exclusively crafted and is ONLY for students who attend St. Johns College, here in Annapolis, MD. 

There’s never been a better deal for you to develop your Mixed Martial Arts skills in such an AWESOME academy, that is less than 15 minutes away for the College right here in Annapolis, MD right behind the mall...But don’t delay…

Why Are We Hooking You Up With This Deal!

It’s simple actually. We aren’t running some mega-dumb greedy corporation here. Our headquarters office is the kitchen table — and we don’t have any kind of huge corporate structure or adjenda.
We also know that being a student is difficult and nonetheless not being from this area.  There are several businesses that try to rip you off.

We didn’t create this offer to take your money! We created it because:

If Your Passion Is Mixed Martial Arts then we OWE it to you!

MMA people are busy these days, nonetheless a St John's College student. If your into MMA or want to learn it then you need to develop quality skill and it needs to be done fast, & effective…and these days the single fastest way to get you the best gains if you’re super busy is to be exposed to quality instruction.

In Fact My Team Laughed Out Loud When I Revealed The Plan to Offer You This “Ridiculous” Deal.....

If you think about it, shaving years off your learning curve…and ending the embarrassment and lack of confidence that comes with getting smashed during practice…heck having the skills to protect yourself in today’s violent streets.  That’s easily worth a ton of money.
Other MMA Instructors, Fighters & Competition teams have paid us alot of $$$$ for us to teach a couple short seminars…or to train in our premier academy.  It got so ridiculous that we now are unable to schedule private seminars or provide training to people who actually live within our area. We are constantly having to turn people away.

This was part of the reason I told my team & business partner that I wanted to offer St. John's Colleges students this SUPER DEAL.

I know for a fact that we can help guarantee your MMA success, plus help you make the transition into a sharper, more agile, talented version of your previous self.

As I began to develop this deal I contemplated all the variables and out of nowhere "It hit me".....

The more people that I can hook up with good, honest training & value… the more fighters will continue to be engaged and train with us in the future.Therfore I’m more than willing to take risks & challenge the status quo, and that means I can discount the price of membership at our academy all the way down… to just $75.00 monthly for you. The idea was to Make this Affordable.
So I convinced my partner and team to offer this deal for a very limited time discount to the first 20 St. John's College students. This way, we could hook fighters (like you) up with a massive discount before raising the price back to its original price.  And that’s why we can offer you the remarkably low price.



“Come on, you’ll get amazing results with just 60 minutes of training a few times a week. I know you can do this.”

I know you’re busy. But anybody can find 60 minutes in their week to practice and training with us that’s all you’ll need. If you focus—from minute 1 to minute 60—you’re going to get incredible results. We will help you master MMA faster than you ever thought possible.

But no one gets results from wishing. You’ve got to get up out of the chair and commit. You will work hard. But you will Get It Done. No more excuses. All it takes is 60 minutes a day to change your MMA game forever…so what are you waiting for? Check out right now.

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