“Why Team Randori Is The Place Where People in Annapolis Learn Effective Martial Arts and Self Defense, Get Fit, Gain Confidence and have Fun Doing It, all In A Group Setting. – And How YOU Can Join Them”

It’s no secret….  We built Team Randori with three basic principals in mind.  Safety, Best Available Training, and Affordability.

The SAFEST place around to train.  That is why our academy is fitted with emergency life saving devices (AED’s) on each floor.  Our training area is designed to minimize injuries and cleaned daily to prevent exposure to bacteria, infectious disease and viruses.  All of the staff is CPR and Frist Aid Trained.  And been trained (Darkness to Light Training) to identify children and adults victims of physical and sexual assault/abuse. We carry ourselves as professionals in this arena.  There is no “Monkey Business” going on in this academy.

BEST AVAILABLE TRAINING.  All of our instructors are either Nationally Credentialed, have won State, National or World Titles, or carry significant experience in the subject they teach.  In addition to our instructors, we don’t subscribe to a CLOSED MINDSET, where you can only get knowledge from us…… I know when you graduated from high school or college you were not handed your diploma from your Kindergarten Teacher… How crazy is that??  We open our doors to knowledge and skills from other sources.  A plant needs sunlight from all angles to grow.  It’s our job to get that light to you.

AFFORDABILITY.....We are not teaching you Micro Biology or Chemical Engineering…  So why should it cost as much?  Face it guys this is a Martial Arts and Fitness program.  Yes it’s an investment, much like any other investment you make in yourself.  But it should not cost you an ARM and a LEG.  Our programs are extremely affordable and can be tailored to each student’s needs.  We also extend discounts to Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel.



We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our program.  If within the first 30 days you’re not truly satisfied we will gladly refund you your full tuition.  No questions asked….  So what do you have to lose?

As attractive as our academy and programs are, our marketing experts tell us that only about 5 percent of people reading this will actually go through and make the decision to try us out.  Although that’s okay with us for a business standpoint, but it still bothers me personally as the business owner.  You see I know how much our students benefit from our programs.  I read each and every one of their online testimonials, thank you letters and cards.  I talk to them on the phone; I see them face to face when they’re in the academy and virtually everyone has said the same thing!!  “The Instructors, and School are AWESOME, and that there is no other place they would rather be.”  Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone like you not trying us out due to some error or omission that we have left out in describing our academy or explaining our programs.

That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with a group of our people just to try and figure out why you might say “NO” to our One Week Free Membership Offer.  After several hours, our group could think of only three possible reasons.  Here they are:

You’re afraid and have no experience – To tell the truth 90 % of the students that come through our doors have little to no experience at all.  That’s what we are here for.  We’ll teach you what you need to know and be right beside your every step of the way.

You think you’re not in physical condition to start in our program – Well this is a “No Brainer.”  Our academy is exactly the place you need to be to improve your fitness levels.  All our classes are group based which results in an awesome environment to get you motivated and fit!!!

Your children are in involved in other programs – We hear this all the time…  My kids are in other programs, but the truth is that they either sit on the sideline idly waiting to play or to be given a chance to shine by their competitive always wanting to win coaches.  Well here EVERY kid PLAYS….   There is no bench HERE. Your kids will participate in every class, which increases their confidence, attention and abilities.

Act Now – Call Us Today at 443-221-7395 To Schedule Your First Class or click on one of the programs below to start:

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Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Self Defense Classes

Mixed Martial Arts

I’ll Try Them All (Adult Only)




So stop second guessing yourself.....  Come into the Academy, call or complete the web-form to get started TODAY!!!!  You wont regret it.

For adults, parents and even kids who want to gain Confidence, Get Fit, Feel Safe, and Learn to Defend Themselves in a “Short Time” there is one thing that MUST be present.  One thing above all else to get YOU the results you want quicker than the average martial arts student.  I mean average students get average results don’t they? So why be average????

What’s The One “Thing” That the others don’t have?  What’s The “Trump Card Secret” of A Successful Martial Arts Student?

It’s A Premier Training Academy!!!

You know how it goes.  You search and search to find a Martial Arts school that seems to look “OK”, but, when you visit the place you discover the instructors “ARE NOT” motivated to teach, or the place doesn’t look as great as it did on the internet.  In fact it’s WAY worse…. No organization or structure.  Students running all over the place.   Instructors have EGOS bigger than the state of TEXAS and they make it seem like a privilege for you to be next to them.  Or the owners advertise the Academy, and act like they really don’t care if they get new students or not.  And if they do, their customer service “SUCKS” and the enrollment is usually at a totally outrageous cost to the student.  It’s REALLY no big deal for them…. As long as they get you to sign-up you’re on your way to “AVERAGE.”

To Be Successful, You Must Do Everything You Can To Train At A Premier Facility With A Highly Motivated, Competent Staff!  At Team Randori We Have Just That……

…Of course, it takes a very special individual to fully appreciate the value of what our programs provide.  In fact we’ve been very selective in choosing the types of people we want to join our academy.  We realize that only about 5 out of every 100 people (5%) will take the initiative to complete the “Sign Me Up” form on this page.  Like I said that’s quite “fine” with us.  We’re content with that.  Our goal is to attract EXCEPTIONAL people, the top 5 percent.  Those exceptional people who are well rounded, sociably, mentally, and physically.  The rest are just “Average.”

Act Now. Click on one of the programs below if your not "Average" to start with us.

Team Randori Martial Arts in Annapolis, is the Academy that WORKS and provides Proven RESULTS.                 

So let’s get down to it. Let’s talk about Team Randori.  I mean you found our site for a reason. We’re confident that you have made the right choice as that our programs are 100% Guaranteed.  That’s right You’re Guaranteed Results training here! WHY?! Simple math.  A motivated student (YOU), plus an AWESOME facility and our world class instruction equals only one thing.  SUCCESS! You see, your desire to seek us out and read this proves that you’re seeking great things. You’ve already taken the first step! Heck….that alone speaks volumes about you.  Mix that with our programs and you can reach any goal you set! Now, as you can imagine your goals become harder and harder to achieve the longer you wait. Right!!!

So, what’s holding you back? What’s keeping you from enjoying good health, and that ever so good feeling of satisfaction when you reach and then crush your goals?

It’s The Lack of previous results, in conjunction with Boring Gym Routines that don’t produce.

Admittedly, it can be tough to get out of a rut and make change, but, with the right TEAM you can do it. Don’t you deserve to be happy, to be successful, and to be a part of a team that will help you reach your goals? Listen, we know you are a good fit for our team. So complete the “Get Started Form” on this page and we immediately contact you with all the details you need to START RIGHT NOW!!!

Absolutely No Experience needed to get started!!!

We believe in having fun, and making your journey enjoyable. The idea is to help you reach your goals. We are not here to BEAT YOU UP, BELITTLE YOU or DISRESPECT YOU in the learning process.  We truly feel that it's not what an instructor can do TO YOU, but what an instructor can do FOR YOU.

The Academy is open 6 days a week with classes for everyone at every skill and experience level!  All classes are designed with that in mind! We are not your typical Mixed Martial Arts gym.  We TRULY can Change your Life!

Absolutely No Experience needed to get started!!!

We believe in having fun, and making your journey enjoyable. The idea is to help you reach your goals. We are not here to BEAT YOU UP, BELITTLE YOU or DISRESPECT YOU in the learning process.  We truly feel that it's not what an instructor can do TO YOU, but what an instructor can do FOR YOU.

The Academy is open 6 days a week with classes for everyone at every skill and experience level!  All classes are designed with that in mind! We are not your typical Mixed Martial Arts gym.  We TRULY can Change your Life!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the "Ultimate" martial art, and self-defense system that is focuses on fighting from the ground. Studies have shown that 90% of all physical altercations end up on the ground.  This is proven during every UFC fight we watch.  Although there are many acadmies that teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A true academy will teach techniques that will enable a smaller, weaker person to successfully defend and defeat a larger, stronger assailant by using proper leverage, body position and techniques.  Other schools who don't specalize (mostly Karate and Tae Kwon Do Schools) will teach their students these techniques but will refuse to let them apply what they have learned in "Free Sparing or Rolling."  This form of learning is useless as it fails to build the students confidence, or gain proficiency in the techniques they have learned.   So make sure when it's time for you to defend yourself that your ready and confident.  We practice what we teach... 


Our Mixed Martial Art system is comprised of technical components from Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, and other Stand Up striking arts. Referred to as “Mixed Martial Arts for the Street,” the system incorporates 7 areas of focus including upper body strikes, defense to upper body strikes, lower body strikes, defense to lower body strikes, self-defense grappling, street applications.  Most Martial Arts systems teach and train in a traditional way that has been carried on throughout the centuries. A lot of the Hollywood-style punches and kicks will never work in a real-life situation. Our system trains students for all areas of a real standing confrontation, making it the most functional martial arts system available!   So ensure your ready if and when the time comes....

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