Hit a Rough Patch?

Hit a Rough Patch?

I was talking to a student the other day…

Who was in the midsts of a plateau. These things can be heart wrenching…

Especially when you’ve been putting in extra work, coming to every class you can, and have been doing really well.

It’s sometimes hard to really grasp but in Jiu Jitsu you have your peaks and valleys. A lot of the time the harder you train, the more you train, and the more you think about it outside of the Academy you see more and more problems.

You can’t pass their guard. She sweeps you with ease. He submits you with the same thing 5 times in a round. All of which weren’t happening a week ago. I’m sure you can imagine the emotional roller coaster the ensues after this. 


It can be really tough to deal with, again, especially when you’ve been putting in A TON of work.

My advice to him was, in simplest terms, embrace the fact that you know very little. Jiu Jitsu is HUGE. No one, and I mean NO ONE knows everything. You will fail. You will make mistakes. And that’s the beauty of it.

When you learn to embrace the struggle of failing, and you understand you only failed because you’ve reached out of your comfort zone (your normal techniques) in order to learn something new. You begin to accept that it’s just a small road block in a long journey.

With all that being said…

I gave him a worksheet I developed when I was in need of climbing out of a plateau. I call it a Positional Audit. Basically you take account of everything you know well. You look at each major position and you write down what you know how to do.

Just a warning. Don’t write anything down under a position unless you can perform it pretty successfully in a live roll.

This exercise alone helped me tremendously when I was in 2 of my worse ruts. I was able to really see what I could do, and what I needed to work on. From there I developed  a plan of improvement and BOOM. I was free from my rut and was now on the incline.

Moral of the story.

You will fail. You will fall short of your expectations. BUT thats what makes Jiu Jitsu great! And if you embrace it you will do great things in this art.

-Danny Heath

Ps- If you’re a member and want the Positional Audit Worksheet just shoot me a message or give me a call

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