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Over Under Pressure Pass

Over Under Pressure Pass

For the last couple of weeks in our Basics Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class we have been focusing on basically four passes from guard.  Two passes are from the knees and two passes are from standing.  The pass in this video is the fifth pass.  Kind of a variation from the first two passes from the knees.  We are just adding the element of applied pressure to our opponent as to make them feel uncomfortable and enable us to pass..

So here is the technique.  As done from the knees, my focus is to keep my opponents hips pinned to the mat; have active toes for movement, and to ensure my elbows are kept to my sides as to not afford my opponent the ability to attack my arms.  From this starting point, I place my knee on the side of my opponent’s hip, pressing down his hips with my arms and body weight and stepping back to gain space within his closed guard.  In stepping back and gaining this space, I place my same side hand on his knee and press down to break his guard.  This should not be a momentous feat as that the space I gained, stepping back and pressure to my opponent’s knee should force his guard open.  Once the guard is open, I press the knee to the mat, grab his pants behind the knee and at the same time step over with my knee trapping his leg to the mat.  In this position, my opponent should not have the ability to shrimp out or recover guard, so I’m in control here.   My next objective is to reach back with my opposite side hand, swim beneath my opponent’s leg as to place it on my shoulder.  Once their leg is on my shoulder, my objective at this point is to reach for the near side lapel of my opponent, grabbing it at in the midway between the should and belt area, and pulling it tight as to lock his leg and hip to my hips and chest.  From this position, I should be relativity comfortable, and in control of my opponents, preventing them from shrimping or regaining their guard.

I now will begin my pass.  The key to this pass it “Pressure.”  Yep that’s right the goal is to apply pressure to your opponent by pushing into them, forcing their hips off the mat and the knee of the trapped thigh to your opponent’s shoulder.  The compression of their torso caused by the pressure should cause your opponent to welcome your pass.  The pressure should be intense enough to cause your opponent to abandon their defenses and let you pass to relieve the pressure.

Check out the video.  Pay close attention to the pressure that is applied to my opponent, and how push my chest, lift my head as to cause the pressure.  This affords my opponent a release from the pressure which at the same time affords me the opportunity to pass.

We hope you enjoy the video.  As you can tell we are not professional videographer’s and at times the video is out of focus and shaky, but we hope you get the point.  The overall goal is to provide a little reference for this pass.  Something you can watch and steal some of the details from and possibly incorporate them into your BJJ game.  If you want more subscribe to our blog, check out our YouTube channel, check out our web page at https://www.teamrandori.com or stop by our Martial Arts Academies in Annapolis or Wheaton, MD.  Until then “Train Hard and Have Fun.”


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