Yet is Our Kind of Word

Yet is Our Kind of Word

Often times while training, and teaching in a class we here our students say “I can’t do that.”

Normally this comes out of their mouths well before they’ve actually tried the technique being showed, and often times only after seeing it one time. Our instructors have been trained for this exact moment.

Although the moment seems small and insignificant it can be one of the biggest moments in their life. You see when you have the attitude of stopping before you try, even just on the mat, it can transfer to every where in your life.

Our instructors are trained to say “Yet!” after every “I can’t” they hear. Yet gives the student hope that they can do it. Yet lets them know, in a very subtle way, that no one can do it without trying. Yet lets them know that with practice and patience they CAN in fact do it, it’s just a matter of time.

We aspire to take the negative mindset that is usually followed by “I Can’t” and replace it with a positive mindset which allows them to know ALL is possible with practice, and patience.


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