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Could you defend yourself, or your children?

What would you do?  This account was taken from a local news publication.  The account if from Linda C. (we will not disclose his last name) who was a major shopping center (we will not disclose the store) within our local area.  According to Linda all she wanted to do is get home to his family after a long day’s work and running some errands.  As she exited the shopping center, and began walking across the parking lot, during the hours of dusk, that was lit, full of cars and other people, he was accosted

by two men.  One of the men without cause walked up to Linda, pushed her and then struck her on the head.  The police reported that as Linda lay on the ground she was kicked several times throughout the body while the other suspect rummaged through her purse and shopping bag.  They stole her phone and wallet.  Linda  said she thought that before falling to the ground she may have gotten in one or two punches, but did not know.  She said her efforts to defend herself were totally ineffective because she did not see the altercation coming and had no clue what she was doing as she tried to fight back.

We have heard many stories just like Linda’s, in that people were either physically assaulted or threatened in an area that they thought was SAFE and that they had no clue how to DEFEND themselves…  Here at Team Randori Martial Arts we have specifically designed this personal defense class for the busy executive to address this very problem.  We’ll teach you basic techniques to build your confidence, skill and ability to defend yourself and your family should the need arises.  You won’t be a VICTIM any longer.


Our instructors consist of Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, Career Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo Blackbelts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champions, Military and Law Enforcement professionals.  We have all the bases covered.  From identifying pre-assault indicators, developing strategies to manage distance, to defending from multiple assailants from either standing or on the ground.  When it comes to Personal Self Defense and Close Quarter Combat we have “been there and done that.”  I ask you were else can you find a cadre of instructors with our credentials?  I’ll tell you.  Nowhere!!

In addition to learning how to defend yourself and your family you’ll also notice that you’ll be

  • You will lose weight and get into better shape
  • Your confidence will increase
  • You will feel younger and release pent up stress
  • You’ll meet some AWESOME people just like you
  • Your spouse will feel that sense of security when they with you again
  • You will have fun


Considering the improvement, you’re going to see in your ability to defend yourself against “street savvy” attackers, A program like this could be worth an easy $250.00 a month.  However, because I feel that no one should be in the shoes I once was in being intimidated, not confident, not to mention embarrassed when confrontation arose or the need to defend myself.

This is a price that any budget could afford. If you contact us right now, we will also provide you with a free private consultation and lesson to teach you some techniques you CAN use immediately.  Contact us now before it’s too late. If you miss out……you risk spending the rest of your life secretly knowing that you are vulnerable.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released its annual report from the nations law enforcement agencies.  The report reflected a 3.9 % increase in the number of violent crimes compared to last year.  That’s right violent crime is going up.  According to the report, there was an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes committed around the nation.

In Fact did you know that right here in Annapolis, Maryland, violent crime, on a scale from 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime), we ARE number 44. Violent crime is composed of four offenses: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. The entire United States of America is on average is 41.4 and Annapolis MD is 44.  What does that tell you?? Annapolis is not SAFE.

If you fail to act now, you’ll fail to act when YOU really NEED it the most. You’ll freeze like a deer in headlights when an attacker decides to make you or your family a victim.    And, if you DO muster up the courage to take them on, you’ll likely end up out of wind, not knowing what to do and possibly making the situation worse.

…When you know the techniques, you’ll have the confidence that you can EASILY defend against an Attacker, getting the upper hand… and ENDING THE ALTERCATION QUICKLY. Which one sounds better to you?


It’s time to be confident, and feel safe.

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