Kids Martial Arts Character Challenge

Kids Martial Arts Character Challenge

Kids Martial Arts Character Challenge

Team Randori Character Challenge

Here at Team Randori in Annapolis we try to make our programs a bit more than whats taught on the mat. We want to give them reason to live a fuller life beyond Martial Arts. To live with Character and to build habits that will help them live a fulfilling successful life, thats the goal of our Kids Martial Arts program. So we introduced our…

Weekly Character Challenge

Yesterday we awarded a group students from our Intermediate Kids BJJ class with their first Character Award Stripes.  It was a long three weeks with many successfully completed challenges that these students breezed right through.  Although we are extremely PROUD of these guys, there are 49 more weeks of challenges remaining.  We would love to see you guys conquer all the challenges so keep knocking them out!!!!! Even though we’ve just started these our Kids Martial Arts program has already benefited from these exercises. Students get extra quality time with family and you just can’t beat that.

Keep an eye out for our next challenge posted in the closed group, in our newsletter, and posted in our gym both upstairs and down.

Teaching Kids Martial Arts can be a rewarding experience, so much so that words can be tough to come by when describing it. However these moments are some of the best. If you’d like to check out what these kids are doing to earn their rewards and you’re kids are in the program just ask to join our Randori Parents Group on Facebook. If they aren’t members yet sign up for our 6 week trial and you get full access to our program plus a little special gift.

We hope these Character Challenges continue to help as much as they have in this short period of time.

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