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How To Integrate BJJ Into Your MMA Game

How To Integrate BJJ Into Your MMA Game

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** How To Integrate BJJ Into Your MMA Game ( ———————————————————— How To Integrate BJJ Into Your MMA Game When Royce Gracie came out and destroyed some of the world’s best martial artists with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the early days of the UFC, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu became one of the most feared martial arts around. But that was 1993. Today, MMA is a whole different ball game. Strikers are learning how to grapple; wrestlers are training striking and submissions, and there is a new breed of MMA fighters who train MMA as a whole. For BJJ black belts who specialize in sports jiu-jitsu, they find themselves having to abandon many of the techniques they’ve learned throughout the years in order to transition to MMA. Why sport jiu-jitsu doesn’t work in MMA 10x BJJ World Champion and perhaps the greatest sport BJJ competitor of all time, Roger Gracie, said in an interview: “80% of my competition game would not work in MMA.” If Roger Gracie says it, it must be true, and there’s very little reason to believe otherwise. Sport jiu-jitsu, which is heavily reliant on using the gi/kimono to control one’s opponent is a… Click to continue (
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