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“Hello I’m Natalia”

“Hello I’m Natalia”

“Nice to meet you Team Randori”
If you have being at Team Randori Annapolis you might’ve seen me already in the last  couple of weeks, but let me introduce myself here; my name is Natalia Carrasco Coa, I am a Peruvian woman who lives in the United States for the last 16 years, I’m also an occasional blogger, singer and youtuber, I’m a wife and  most importantly I’m a mother of 3 girls (Sophia 10, Stella 4 and Victoria 2) and I have to make emphasis on this last aspect of myself because if you are a parent you know that from all the hats we have to wear, being a parent is the biggest and most important one, so having said that, as a mom I try to do all that any mom tries and wants to do: Be a good person in every possible way!
One way was for me to learn to better myself physically; having 3 kids left me a “little bit ” (a LOT) out of shape, so around 3 years ago I joined a gym hoping to lose those extra pounds; what I found was more than that; I found a family of empowering, fun and beautiful women inside and out, who pushed me and inspired me to not only reach those goals but also challenged me to get outside my little bubble by trying different physical aspects that I didn’t know I could be able to do, like competing for an Spartan Race, running a 10k run,
choreographing zumba songs, participating at Boot Camps and even trying Self defense / Jiu Jitsu classes.
 Here is where that saying apply: “We are the average of 5 people we spend the most time with.” So me, a little 5 feet tall girl who loves to sing, write and cook ended up hanging out with these strong women, mothers and great friends who love to take care of themselves and made of me a new “gym rat” and injected me with self love and self care passion. It’s been 3 years since I started the journey of discovering how far my body and mind can go and here is where I ended up: at Team Randori!
I often asked myself: How is that I am now working and hanging out with these black belted Jiu-Jitsu and MMA champions? Lucky me, If anyone wants inspiration and firsthand experience of hard work, discipline and dedication then, this is for sure, the place to be.
While taking self defense classes for ladies with Coach Al I fell in love with these empowering feelings of knowledge that I don’t need to be 6 feet tall lady to know how to defend myself in a horrible situation, I learned techniques and tricks on how to escape from someone who wants to hurt me and I also learned to speak up and scream to the top of my lungs in a scary situation.
So when the offer came to me to be part of the team and bring my assistance here I couldn’t say no, I was already blown away with this atmosphere and vibe of strength and healthy lifestyle.
It is a total pleasure for me to meet each one of you, to learn about your own journey and physical goals, to admire your talents and to be part of the Tem Randori family while I can hopefully help you in anyway I can, wether it is with registrations, answering questions about the academy or adding little posts on these blogs.
Thanks so much for all your kindness while I am still on the learning process and for the friendly faces I have already found here, we sure, have a bright future ahead of us.
Natalia Carrasco Coa.
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