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Getting back to class

Getting back to class

I’ll be honest, it’s been a little while since I’ve been to class; work obligations and planned trips conspired to keep me out of Annapolis for a little over a week. For me, that adds up to two, maybe three classes missed. It’s time missed, but doesn’t have to be a big deal. The main problem is how much it messes with establishing a habit. When I have been attending class regularly, I think about it while I’m at work, I regale my (very patient) friends with how I feel my jiujitsu has been coming along, and I usually can’t wait for the days when I can train. When I’ve missed a class or two, my brain slips immediately into a lazy wavelength that grasps at excuses to stay home. Once I have it in my mind that class is skippable I forget that it’s fun. The only way to correct the mindset is to dismiss the excuses and get back out there. So tonight I’ll be turning down the happy hour and Netflix and extended dinnertime that is so appealing to the sedentary corner of my brain, tying on my belt, and getting back to class, and by the time we finish the warm-up I’ll forget why I had been so reluctant in the first place.

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