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[Fitness With Style] Strong Contractions – for Muscle Tone & Density

[Fitness With Style] Strong Contractions – for Muscle Tone & Density

A lot of people HATE the word “muscle tone”.
I get it.
To display muscle tone it takes having some muscle in the first place and a low enough body fat percentage to see it.
This is how you DISPLAY the muscle tone you have.
…but it is possible for two people to have the same body fat percentage and same amount of muscle, but one person looks much more “toned”.
Why is that?
The person with the greater muscle definition typically has the ability to contract their muscles to a greater degree.
Pound for pound, they are typically stronger as well.
Strength and muscle tone are largely a nervous system thing.
( el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/8kuoooqplf3u0or0d/3ydpyg/aHR0cDovL3Zpc3VhbGltcGFjdGZpdG5lc3MuY29tLw== )
Strength does NOT have to equal size.
There is a principle in my courses ( el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/8kuoooqplf3u0or0d/x1e516/aHR0cDovL3Zpc3VhbGltcGFjdGZpdG5lc3MuY29tLw== ) I teach called Irradiation.
I read about this in the year 2000, from a Russian special forces trainer named Pavel Tsatsouline.
It allows you to “borrow” nerve impulses from surrounding muscles, to create a much stronger contraction to the muscle you are working.
Here’s how you would use this on bench press:
* Squeeze the bar hard as you slowly lower it. * Let the tension work from your hands down to your forearms, upper arms, and all the way to your chest. * At the bottom of the set your arms and chest should be contracted to the max, full of tension. * Use that tension to lift the weight back up.
Note: In order to really build tension these reps need to be done slowly. This is another reason I teach men and women to stick to 5 reps or lower (most of the time).
I cover this in greater detail in my Men’s ( el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/8kuoooqplf3u0or0d/k8i6wv6/aHR0cDovL3Zpc3VhbGltcGFjdGZpdG5lc3MuY29tL3Zpc3VhbC1pbXBhY3QtbXVzY2xlLWJ1aWxkaW5nLw== ) and Women’s ( el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/8kuoooqplf3u0or0d/gwfwdr0/aHR0cDovL3Zpc3VhbGltcGFjdGZpdG5lc3MuY29tL3Zpc3VhbC1pbXBhY3QtZm9yLXdvbWVuLw== ) courses.
QUALITY contractions over quantity.
After learning about irradiation, I dug deep into sports (like boxing) that have weight classes.
Back in 1999 I had been lifting weights for 12 years.
I was running a men’s clothing store and couldn’t fit into the fitted designer clothes we had.
I had a dilemma.
I wanted to lose a bit of muscle mass, without getting weak.
I’ll talk about that tomorrow.
Look for the email titled:
[Fitness With Style] Losing Muscle Mass on Purpose?
-Rusty Visual Impact Fitness ( el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/8kuoooqplf3u0or0d/x1zvjk/aHR0cDovL3Zpc3VhbGltcGFjdGZpdG5lc3MuY29tLw== )
I may be the only trainer who teaches how to lose muscle mass on purpose…and I have been criticized for this.
…but there is a need for this info.
Some people simply have body parts that are more muscular than they would like.
The people who have the biggest issue with this?
Former fitness competitors, bodybuilders, power-lifters, Olympic lifters, etc.
Lately I’ve been helping quite a few Cross Fit competitors slim down as well.
I teach how to do this while maintaining strength.
No need to be weak to look stylish.
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