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[Fitness With Style] Avoid Lifting to Failure

[Fitness With Style] Avoid Lifting to Failure

The “lift until puke” mentality is a terrible approach to getting into great shape.
I have to be honest…
I have never seen this happen in person, but if it happened while I was in the gym?
I’d be looking for the fastest way out of there.
( )
Obviously not everyone who lifts to failure tries to push it to this point.
…but doing “one more rep” when you feel like quitting is a common mantra in most gyms.
The problem with lifting to failure?
It sends negative feedback to your nervous system.
Over time this means the nervous system won’t deliver as strong of pulses to the muscle.
It limits strength in a muscle.
Lifting to failure also breaks the muscle down.
When a muscle is broken down it repairs the damaged tissue and comes back slightly larger.
You are creating larger & weaker muscles.
Most of my clients want strong, slim, and sleek muscles.
…NOT bulky and weak.
My advice is to stop 1-2 reps short of failure on every set.
This is what I teach in all of my courses ( ).
*Well actually, I recommend approaching failure when size is lacking in a body part.
In a future email I’ll cover a specific way of performing the reps that is awesome for strength and increasing muscle tone.
…even if you don’t push to failure.
-Rusty Visual Impact Fitness ( )
Why do so many trainers recommend lifting to failure?
Well…a lot of what personal trainers are taught are bodybuilding principles from the 70’s and 80’s.
Bodybuilders train to failure and do forced reps to add as much size as possible.
Bodybuilders also use high reps for “the pump”.
If you want to look slim and sleek, I recommend you avoid high reps that pump up the muscles as well.
I’ll discuss this tomorrow.
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[Fitness With Style] High Reps & the Pump – Not Always a Good Thing
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