Engrave It In Your Mind!!

Engrave It In Your Mind!!

Man another busy week…..  Got up at 5:00am, commuted into the city and then worked all day.  It’s tough being an adult sometimes.  Especially, when while I sit at my desk the only thing I think about is improving my Jiu Jitsu.

engraveSo as you know I’ve been on the this watching and analyzing video for the past couple of months.  In practicing this ritual, I came across another slick technique that without me ever setting foot on the mats will improve my game.  What’s the technique you ask?  It’s called “Engraving.”  The trick is to spend about 15 minutes a day literally “Engraving” the skill on your brain.  I literally study video and sit and watch the skill being performed, closely and with great intensity, over and over, until I can build a high-definition mental blueprint of the skill in my mind.  The key to doing this effectively is to create an intense connection.  I try to watch as closely as I can without interruption, so that I can imagine the feeling of performing the skill myself.  I try to project myself into the performers’ body trying to be aware of the movement, rhythm and feel the interior shape of the moves.   I know it sounds a little crazy and not much different from last week’s tip.  But this technique takes it up a notch.  It will get your mind on the playing field without you ever leaving your seat.  If you’re having doubts.   I find one video of a technique that you would like to improve upon and study that one video all week long for about 15 minutes a day, but don’t get on the mats to perform it.  Study and analyze it for a week and then get out and try it.  I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your gains.   Until next time…. Have fun and Keep Training it’s worth it….

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