Coach Gary Gioni Seminar

Coach Gary Gioni Seminar

Today we had a fantastic seminar at Team Randori Martial Arts, Annapolis, MD.  Coach Gary Gioni took time out of his busy schedule to come by the academy and instruct us on several aspects of his BJJ game.  The seminar started off with Coach Gioni teaching several Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques that consisted of:

  •  Push Defense / Wrist Lock – Takedown
  •  Punch Defense
    •  Leg Hook Takedown – i.e. the Single Leg Trip
    •  Rear Takedown – i.e. the Far Leg Trip
    •  Judo Hip Toss

20160220_143505-e1456017418486-1024x784Coach Gioni then moved the class into competition techniques of which he opened up his game to us and taught a variety of techniques.

He exposed us to the Open Guard – Tripod Sweep ; Closed Guard / Cross Collar with wrist control Scissor Sweep; Reverse Scissor Sweep and Technical Stand Up to Loop Choke (this is one that I’m definitely incorporating into my game).

We then moved to the “Ninja Roll Drill.”  Guys if you have not done this, you are missing out.  This is an AWESOME drill that will get you to perfect your moment and attacks to the back.  Coach Gioni attributed learning this drill from Ryan Hall.

We then moved into deep water and Coach Gioni opened up the Top Secret files and let us see his “Back Attack” game.  We worked on several details from the back such as placing the foot on the hip to make space and change the angle; looping the arm with the top leg, trapping it and proper foot placement as to ensure the arm was trapped, Collar / one arm choke, short arm choke with “Gable Grip”, RNC and Collar Choke from the back.

Coach Gioni then went deeper and we went over how he gets an arm-bar from the back; and reverse triangle.

Finally, after all that, we broke to get our headgear and mouth pieces and rolled for an hour.  Coach Gioni personally rolled with everyone.  What an awesome guy.  So I’ve got to say I’ve been to a lot of seminars and this guy really put on a quality block of instruction for us.  The information was very detailed, easily comprehended and physically easy to do.  If I had to score it was a definite 10 in my book.  So if you guys missed, and I know you are kicking yourself right about now wishing you had been here, there is still hope.  You can reach Coach Gioni via his email at to arrange a private lesson or better yet to have him come out to your academy to do a seminar.  We here at Team Randori believe in the sport, want to grow it and one way to do so is to support our local talent.  Coach Gioni is definitely a talented Coach and practitioner, so if you’re serious about your training you should get into contact with him to get some of his game.

Finally, I got to apologize for the picture because we had most of the attendees leave before we got around to taking it.  We were having so much fun rolling we forgot to end the seminar with an appropriate photo.


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