5 Reasons BJJ is great for Kids!!

5 Reasons Why BJJ is Great For Kids


We’re living in a world where we don’t realize the importance of physical activities. There was a time when kids used to engage themselves in outdoor sports which benefited their overall well-being but now, it has all been replaced with video games.


In case you’re concerned about your child’s health and fitness, it’s best to get him involved in some physical activities. One great example is BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).


Most of us are already aware of the physical benefits that BJJ has to offer but only a few are aware of other pros that come along.


All you need to get for your kid is some cheap bjj gi, probably a mouth guard and you are good to go!


Let’s take a deeper dive into this topic and discuss the top 5 *not so well-known* benefits of BJJ.


1. BJJ teaches discipline and respect


Martial art schools focuses largely on teaching the importance of respect and discipline to the students. Your kid’s entire training would depend upon these two attributes.


You can be certain of the fact that these qualities will go a long way to totally transform your kid (for the better) in the coming years and will later help him throughout his life. No other school can do a better job at teaching discipline and respect as BJJ training does.


2. Defending ability


People don’t necessarily need a reason to learn self-defense skills, neither it makes you more prone to get involved in street fights. BJJ’s first rule of self-defense is to try to neutralize the situation - which sounds to be a more logical solution under any circumstances.


Martial arts defense training usually discourages the students to be the first striker. However, if things start getting out of control, your kid would be able to handle that situation without getting hurt.


Throughout the training, your kid will learn numerous self-defense techniques that would allow him to block and prevent punches, kicks, and other similar attacks.


3. Develop friendships and socialize


Socializing is an essential part of life. Modern-day technological advancements have literally confined us in one lonely spot where the majority of our socializing happens on social platforms and chat apps.


Not only BJJ would allow your kid to make new friends, but it will also allow him to meet like-minded people to learn and get inspired from. Moreover, BJJ group training sessions would enhance his overall interest and motivation.


4. Serve as a hobby


As I mentioned earlier, the majority of kids these days are more involved in video games as it requires a minimal amount of effort. It mostly results in slowly affecting their overall health and fitness.


What they really need is to engage themselves in physical activities that require energy. If your kid is keen on learning BJJ, it can definitely be an ideal activity to serve as a hobby.


5. Improves body awareness and coordination


One of the best thing about BJJ training is that it helps to develop body awareness and advance coordination skills. These skills can be utilized in many other areas of life and can have long-lasting effects. In addition to this, body awareness and coordination can also boost your kid’s confidence of attaining success in other sports and activities.


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