BJJ Scissor Sweep to Modified Arm Triangle Choke



Here is a quick technique that we worked yesterday at the Team Randori BJJ Wheaton, MD academy.  You start with the traditional Scissor Sweep set up (Lapel & Sleve Grips), shrimp out and perform the sweep.  Once the opponent is swept, you pull yourself up, and simultaneously loop the head with the arm to end up with a Gift-wrap position on your opponent.  From the Gift-wrap position and having your hand near the neck you can simply apply a punch choke to submit your opponent.  If this submission attempt does not work, you can re-adjust from this position.  The transition/adjustment is you place the hand from the neck on your opponents triceps to maintain control.  The hand that has control of the wrist for the Gift-wrap is then released and you push your hand thru the wrap and grasp your own wrist.  Once this modified "Kimura" grip is made, you press your chest against the rear shoulder of your opponent and slightly squeeze for the submission.  Check out the video for a more accurate description of the technique.    

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