Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique of the Week




This weeks technique in the kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class has been to establish and maintain the Mounted Position.  In this position the key elemental details that we have foused on with the kids was the following:

  1. Mount (Chest to Chest)
  2. Hooks or Grapevines in (use feet to hook opponents legs)
  3. Hip-Pressure.  (Hips / Pelvis needs to be heavy pressing against opponent.  This will cause knees to slightly rise off the mat)
  4. Head Control (Arm wrapped around head with elbow on the mat and palm of hand down.  Opposite arm extended to establish a post out at in about the 11 O'clock position)
  5. As opponent shifts from side to side to escape, we shit our post from one side to the other along with bent arm to maintain head control.
  6. As opponent fight to push us off we use the Swim Thru method to combat the push away and maintain position.
  7. Continuously maintaining our original Head Control with post.

This is the technique for our beginner students for this week.  The only way to get better is to practice, practice and more practice.  10,000 repetition is the GOAL.  A link to the video of this technique is embedded in this post.  Watch as many times necessary.  Good Luck and I'll see you on the mat.


Sensi Al Hogan


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