Are You a Thief? You should be.

Are You a Thief? You should be.

So I’ve been having this ongoing discussion with some of my team mates as to how to improve my BJJ skills and as to bolster my points I’ve done some extensive research.  As you can recall I wrote about the techniques of “Staring at What You Want to Become and Spending 15 Minutes A Day Engraving the Skill On Your Brain.”  ThiefThis next technique goes hand and hand with the first two and is actually a no brainer.  I’ll discuss it from a police politically correct aspect first and then elaborate on the subject.

You ask what the #$%@ is he talking about.  Hold your horses I’m getting there.  Here is an example of what I mean.  You watch your favorite athlete give a post-game interview and, you hear them say that so and so inspired them to become the athlete that I am today. What??  So what did they just say.  Well most of us just really hear the complement and think to ourselves “Oh how nice” and “what a complement.”  But what is really being said is that “I watched so and so for many years, I noted every little detail” and I STOLE every single one of them that worked for me….  They STOLE???  What are you saying that talented athlete didn’t acquire their skill by following their “natural instincts?”  That’s right they stole them and perfected them.  In fact, the process for all improvement and skill development is about absorbing and applying new information, and where does the best source of information come from you ask?  Well it comes from Top Performers.  And how do we get it?  We STEAL IT…   The young Pablo Picasso once put it, “Good artists borrow.  Great artists Steal.”

So ladies and gentlemen my advice to you is when you steal, focus on specifics, not general impression.  Rip off the fine details and capture concrete facts: the angle you must be to perform a Triangle Choke; the curve of the wrist during a cross choke; and the precise moment performed during an Elbow Scape.  Ask yourself – “What, exactly, are the critical moves here and how are they being performed differently from the way I do them?   If you can figure this out and identify the details.  Steal them and make them your own.  Then and only then will you be on the path to improvement.

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