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and the Winner is????

and the Winner is????

It’s official…  The “Weight Loss Challenge” has come to an end and I might say that we have certainly accomplished our goals.  You may ask yourself what goals did you guys have?  We were the ones trying to lose weight..  Well our goal was simple.  We wanted to help and provide some motivation for you to go that extra distance, pushing yourself to lose those unwanted pounds.  And I might add that it worked.  Everyone that participated had significant weight loss, which in turn leads to a healthier lifestyle.  Ladies and Gentlemen, that in our book makes this whole endeavor worthwhile.  20160317_203128 (1)A healthier lifestyle even if you lost 1 pound makes you a Winner…

Ok I’ll get to the official winner.  The winner of the official challenge was Andrew D.  He lost a total of over 3% of his body fat and over 24 pounds. Congratulations Andrew.  Keep up the great work.  Those of you who participated but were not the official winner of the challenge.  You to also keep up the good work as you all are looking awesome!!!

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