Professor Leandro Vilar Jiu Jitsu Instructor

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Professor Leandro Vilar

Professor Leandro Vilar started his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu career in 2003 and was awarded his black belt in 2012 from Mestre Theodoro Canal, GFTeam.  During this time he has competed in countless tournaments, both in Brazil and around the world, winning national and international titles.  In addition to his training and competition, Professor Vilar built his own jiu jitsu academy in Itaguai Rio de Janeiro, where in he has numerous students, and has established himself as a pillar of the community by providing countless seminars, training instructional and support to the states less fortunate jiu jitsu practitioners.  Although competition and training are close to Professor Vilar's heart, his two most proud accomplishments are his wife and daughter, who are also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners.  His wife a black belt and his daughter is a orange belt. 

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