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Al Hogan

Self Defense & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Instructor

Al brings the perspective of Military Combatives and Law Enforcement tactics into the academy’s martial arts curriculum, focusing on Self Defense. He was introduced to martial arts during his childhood and eventually enlisted in the Army and served is several high threat conflict areas. Al again began to embark on his martial arts training during which he studied TaeKwonDo in Korea, where he was stationed. During the tenure, Al’s focus shifted from the traditional martial arts to self-defense emphasizing survival during close quarter battle incursions.

Al is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy Session 232nd, U.S. Army Protective Services Training, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Survival Tactics (GST) Instructor Course, Federal Law Enforcement Center (FLETC) Control Tactics Instructor, FLETC Firearms Instructors, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology. Al is also an accomplished BJJ competitor as he has competed in several local and nationally ranked tournaments, and was the 2015 IBBJF Blue Belt World Champion at Masters 4 light weight. Al currently holds a purple belt in BJJ.








Carlos Eduardo

Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Instructor

Professor Carlos Eduardo began his Martial Arts career at the age of 4 studying for 10 years in Judo and achieving the rank of purple belt. Professor Eduardo begin practicing Jiu Jitsu in 2001, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he competed in several local and state tournaments, consistently placing within the top three positions.

In 2007, Professor Eduardo as a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu moved to Salvador (Bahia), Brazil, where he continued competing and winning several local and state tournaments, quite often in the open classes, taking the podium in all classes.

In 2013, Professor Eduardo was awarded a Black Belt by Team Edson Carvalho, Salvador Brazil and subsequently got certified as a Black Belt Instructor under Team Carlson Gracie, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Throughout Professor Eduardos combat sports career he has completed in Mixed Martial Arts tournaments, Kickboxing and Judo tournaments.  He has coached several team members in Jiu Jitsu tournaments to capture Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Professor Eduardo is affiliated with the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF).









Dameron Kirby

Head Personal Defense System (Mixed Martial Arts – MMA) & Bully Defense System (BDS) Instructor

Coach Dameron Kirby started his martial arts career in his early teens, using what he learned from the arts to enhance his level of discipline, and focus.  The arts helped him navigate through difficult times giving him foundation and confidence through his years as a troubled youth.  As a youth, he competed in dozens of local and regional martial arts tournaments always ranking in 1st or 2nd place.   It was clear that he had a gift and a profound passion for the world of martial arts.  After graduating from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, Dameron decided to further pursue his passion by starting a private business all the while simultaneously pursuing his Mixed Martial Arts career (MMA).  Although this decision, like any other proved to be a long difficult one with ups and downs, he finally found his way to Evolve Academy in Gaithersburg, MD.  This is where he was finally gained the opportunity to begin his amateur MMA career in 2012. After an explosive start, finishing all opponents by 1st round knockout and technical knockouts, he was awarded the opportunity to join the professional ranks of Maryland’s Professionally Sanctioned MMA association as a professional fighter.

As a professional fighter, Dameron has made numerous personal contributions in and out the octagon, to charity and the community.  He has spoken to troubled youth, volunteered time to charities and donating any gained proceeds to non-profits organizations to help the community.  But above all, his passion lies with helping and connecting with kids and troubled youth.   He is a huge force to reckoned with in the octagon and looks to inspire youth in and out the cage through work ethic, character and commitment.  These qualities have attracted quiet a buzz in the local media as he’s been featured in multiple magazines, radio and national television shows.

Coach Kirby, the fighter, entrepreneur, father and community leader hopes to inspire the world on his journey to greatness. He’s here to show the world “It is impossible to stop a man who will not quit.”










Isaac Haertel

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense & 1st Responder Club Instructor

Coach Isaac “Ike” Haertel started his martial arts and grappling journey at the age of 8 in Collegiate and Freestyle Wrestling.  After high school Ike joined the U.S. Navy where he was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by his roommate.  A couple of years later, while living in California, Ike decided to get serious about training in BJJ and began training under 3x World Champion Black Belt Daniel Thomas in Monterey, CA.  He then moved to New York in 2007, where he would receive his Blue Belt from legendary Red Belt Grand Master, Francisco Mansor.

As life dictates, Ike moved back to Maryland in 2008, continued training under Pedro Sauer affiliate and Black Belt Jon Garfield. Ike received his Purple belt in early 2011.  Almost immediately after being promoted, Ike seized an opportunity to move to South America, where he would work and train for the next 2 1/2 years with Carlson Gracie Black Belt, Andres Angelero.  During that time, Ike had the opportunity to travel extensively and train throughout Brazil including Rio de Janeiro, the birth place of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Upon his return from South America in 2013, Ike was awarded his Brown Belt from Professor Pedro Sauer.

To this day Ike continues his training with Jon Garfield, and began training and teaching at Team Randori Martial Arts. Ike enjoys the mastering of basic techniques, rather than focusing on low percentage complex maneuvers that might not have any application in a real world situation. Ike likes to stay grounded in Self-Defense, while also trying to maintain some of the fun that comes with free sparring. Staying true to his original wrestling roots, Ike likes to train take-downs when it’s his turn to play the role of instructor.











Joe Pascale

After School Program Manager, Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) InstructorPersonal Trainer

Joe is a graduate of Auburn University, where he was a member of the 2004 and 2005 NCAA Championship Swim Team.   This, and other accomplishments, lead him to compete in the US Olympic Trials in the 50 and 100 freestyle swim events in 2012. Pursuant to his Olympic endeavors he worked as the Head Assistant Coach of American University and the Nation’s Capital Swim Club in Washington D.C., coaching the Lane 4 Master’s Swimming and Triathlete Program, which is currently the largest Master’s program in the United States.

As a consummate athlete and competitor Pascale fell in love with “Combat Sports” and began his Mixed Martial Art (MMA) journey in 2007, at Bas Rutten and Randy Couture’s Legends MMA gym in Los Angeles California.  There he trained under Muay Thai specialist and former world competitor Chris Reilly.  Coach Pascale currently competes and trains in MMA, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Most significantly, he recently qualified to compete in the World Championships.  Coach Pascale specializes in cross training for private and groups, swimming instruction, MMA and sports nutrition.  He exemplifies the utmost passion for Combat Sports, sports-related principles and teaching students.


910 Bestgate Road, Suite E, Annapolis, MD 21401

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What They Say About Us!!

Ryan Armour
Ryan Armour
14:58 28 Feb 17
Team Randori has great instructors and learning environment! The First Responders Class is Awesome! It gives us a place to learn and train, as well as meet others in the same profession from all over the region, and get a great workout. I highly recommend coming in and checking out Team Randori!
Emily Mason
Emily Mason
15:55 22 Oct 16
Amazing experience! My 4 year old daughter loves coming to Randori and "working-out" with her friends. The staff is wonderful with kids and foster a warm and comfortable environment for learning. The teachers value respect and it shows through the kids. I highly recommend Randori for anyone who wants to give their kids a sense of self-confidence, and respect for others. They also give your child a trial period to see what it's all about. Come check it out!
Chris Cleary
Chris Cleary
15:09 04 Feb 17
The First Responder club held on Mon, Wed, and Friday mornings is great. The turn out is impressive with fire fighters and police from Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, Baltimore City and County.
Lorenza Ambrose
Lorenza Ambrose
15:41 02 Nov 16
My friend took me to a JiuJitsu class here, and it was amazing. I like going on Mondays when Carlos is there. He allows me to jump right in to the class, even with the very little experience, and was very patient and encouraging. The warm up itself is a workout, and I left the gym feeling energized and motivated. The great thing about jiujitsu it's that it provides you with self defense skills, discipline, and tactical thinking. Also, this gym has an fantastic after school program for kids! Definitely check out Team Randori!
Darren Fradin
Darren Fradin
02:17 31 Aug 16
We were looking for a new academy for our kids. Their first one closed and we weren't happy with the next one we went to, and then we found Team Randori. The facilities are top notch - everything is clean and new. The coaches are very good with kids, and are experienced practitioners who concentrate on building the fundamentals - not trying to teach overly complicated, trendy moves that kids can't effectively apply. Parents sit in a room upstairs where they can watch the class on video monitors, so there are no overzealous moms or dads yelling out commands to their kids while they roll. Perhaps most importantly, there are no 'cliques' - it's a very mellow, low key environment that promotes confidence in my kids, and has them looking forward to going to classes there.
Codi Mullen
Codi Mullen
17:05 05 Sep 16
Confidence, mental-toughness, and teamwork - these are the tools I have gained from joining Team Randori Martial Arts. After a few weeks, I felt like I was a part of a family amongst the staff and other members. The training was a challenge, but the coaches helped me recognize that I can train harder than I thought I was capable of. As a member of the military, I believe I can carry on these skills to my job. I am so thankful for my experience at Team Randori, for the lessons I have learned, the friendships I have made, and the training that I have received. I encourage others to check out this gym to see what an amazing community Team Randori has created.
Olesea Maleeva
Olesea Maleeva
22:04 20 Mar 17
Excellent place, my 5 year old son enjoyed it very much. He was so excited as soon as we got home after the first class, he started to practice as soon as we got home. My son started to practice with his dad, my husband has practiced Marital Arts for a long period of time, so he can tell this is the right place for our son, he find this place very professional. Instructors are well knowledge, patient, and make class fun. My son has been training for almost a year now, he is having fun while learning, they use different technique and make it fun at the same time.
Mac Kearney
Mac Kearney
12:21 23 Mar 17
I have never done anything like martial arts, and on a whim started attending Team Randori, and it has been amazing. Each session pushes me to new levels, and I am feeling healthier and more confident with every class. The Coaches, Al and Dameron are good people who you want to train with. When i was new there was never any feeling of not belonging. When I started I trained beside everyone else, and never felt out of place. Warm, welcoming, yet intense, is how I would describe it. My only regret is that it took me so long to join....
Austin Whitehead
Austin Whitehead
01:14 07 May 17
Coming from out of the area, I was not sure what to expect from this gym. I had little knowledge in regards to their reputation and the type of people that went to the gym since I wasn't from the area. Needless to say I was very impressed with the instructors knowledge, the cleanliness of the facility and the friendliness of the staff and students. I will definitely be stopping in again the next time I am in the area. Thank you Team Randori! - Austin
Justin Brady
Justin Brady
19:52 22 May 17
This place is great - we took our 4.5 year old boy and he had a lot of fun. The teachers were very patient and worked with him one-on-one. We'd recommend Team Randori : )
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