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Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

 Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Teaching Kids the Traits Needed to be Successful


Here is a list of some of the skills your kids will gain from our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program in Annapolis, MD.


Our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a program that has the blends a curriculum of Self Defense Specific techniques along with all the powerful techniques of in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Although no striking is learned for offensive attacks, they are learned in order to know how to defend them.




Arguably the biggest difference between having a happy, successful, thriving life and not having one. Kids gain confidence through training, learning, and encouragement to try new techniques.


It is earned not given, it is also taught as a part of our weekly character pillar review!

A Great Work Ethic

A perk with Martial Arts is gaining the knowledge that anything worth having is worth working hard for.

A Champions Mindset

We believe in the I Can, I Am, and I Will. Instilling a Growth Mindset in everyone of our students is our #1 job, we do this through the teaching of Martial Arts.

Self Defense Skills

To be able to protect yourself and to have the understanding of when trouble is on its way and how to avoid it. These are valuable life long skills.

Social Skills

Learning what it means to be apart of a team in a primarily individual activity translates completely to academic life. Another life long skill that will later translate into the workforce.


What Can Martial Arts Give My Child That Other Activities Can’t?

That’s a question we get all the time from concerned parents. Our answer is simple. What sets the martial arts we teach here in Annapolis, particularly our program designed for kids, is that it teaches a variety of “life skills” and focuses a lot on “character building” not just the flashy punches and kicks you might see from other academies. Plus all of the physical skills and attributes your child will develop while training with us will continually improve because our system is continuous, not “seasonal” like most sports. Our system is about instilling a Growth Mindset in kids (and adults,) while giving them other traits that help make kids better people overall – on and off the mats. We believe in developing “Champions In Life.” Take a look at what your child will get when becoming a part of our

No Experience Required!

At Team Randori Martial Arts in Annapolis, MD, we have designed our classes with the beginner in mind. Each class has been carefully designed to make sure each child sees Great Success!

We know each child comes in with different skill sets and attributes, that’s why each class we have multiple instructors to help each student make progress in the areas that will help them the most!

We have such a wide arrange of students from previous martial artists, and athletes, to kids with absolutely no experience in either. Truth be told, this is what our instructors are trained for!

That is our promise to you as a parent:

To give each child the attention needed to see them succeed!

We are proud to say that our Martial Arts school has become a pillar of learning and growth for Kids, Youth and Teenagers in the Annapolis, MD area. At Team Randori Martial Arts, our goal is to be the best that we can be for your child. How do we do this? We are constantly evolving our knowledge base, techniques and skill-set. We ARE teachers…but we will ALWAYS be students of the Martial Arts. The effort we place on the success of your child is second to none. We work hard and offer the best in positive reinforcement and personal attention for your child. Make no mistake, We give it everything we’ve got… We give 110%… All day…Everyday. Your child will have the tools to succeed in Martial Arts… and in Life.

The goal of our kids program is to give each student a strong base in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense. In doing so we help each student cultivate their Confidence, Creativity, Patience, Respect, and develop a strong Work Ethic!

Each class has been carefully designed to teach each student the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense techniques, all the while developing their physical prowess dexterity and coordination.childrens-karate-taekwondo


Everyone says it, “…Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Self-Confidence…” and so on. But the question you have to ask yourself is this: How are you going to give that to a child? Here is our answer… We do not “Give” any of these things to our students. We do however, give them the opportunity to find these benefits for themselves. We take this responsibility very seriously and will be by your child’s side…Every step of the way. At Team Randori Martial Arts, we are experts in bringing the right qualities out of our students. We achieve this through superior martial arts instruction, positive reinforcement, goal setting, personal attention and individualized achievement within a fun, yet, highly structured and disciplined environment. The only place that self-confidence can come from…is from within. This is what real self-confidence is all about. Self-Confidence can’t be talked into your child, it can’t be tricked into them by putting a colored belt around their waist…it has to be…and at Team Randori Martial Arts…it will be found by your child…from within.start-here

And it gets better.. When you come in to see for yourself what our program can do for your family we’ll give you the following..

A Tour of Our Facility

During which you will get to see why people rave about how clean and “different” our academy is from others. As much pride as we take in teaching we take just as much in keeping our facility clean and new! Both you and our students deserve nothing less.

Free Private Introduction Lesson

I’m offering you a free 30 minute Private Lesson. You’ll be able to see our teaching style and how committed we are to your child’s success. During this time we will help get your child ready for their first class, and beyond!

A Parent – Student – Instructor Meeting

Before or during the private introductory lesson we will discuss your child’s individual needs and what you would like from our program. We will also spend as much time as needed to answer all questions you may have! Before it’s over we will give you tips on how to help foster growth in your child’s progress.


We believe that you and your child should LOVE what we do here!!start-here1



910 Bestgate Road, Suite E, Annapolis, MD 21401

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What They Say About Us!!

Ryan Armour
Ryan Armour
14:58 28 Feb 17
Team Randori has great instructors and learning environment! The First Responders Class is Awesome! It gives us a place to learn and train, as well as meet others in the same profession from all over the region, and get a great workout. I highly recommend coming in and checking out Team Randori!
Emily Mason
Emily Mason
15:55 22 Oct 16
Amazing experience! My 4 year old daughter loves coming to Randori and "working-out" with her friends. The staff is wonderful with kids and foster a warm and comfortable environment for learning. The teachers value respect and it shows through the kids. I highly recommend Randori for anyone who wants to give their kids a sense of self-confidence, and respect for others. They also give your child a trial period to see what it's all about. Come check it out!
Chris Cleary
Chris Cleary
15:09 04 Feb 17
The First Responder club held on Mon, Wed, and Friday mornings is great. The turn out is impressive with fire fighters and police from Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, Baltimore City and County.
Lorenza Ambrose
Lorenza Ambrose
15:41 02 Nov 16
My friend took me to a JiuJitsu class here, and it was amazing. I like going on Mondays when Carlos is there. He allows me to jump right in to the class, even with the very little experience, and was very patient and encouraging. The warm up itself is a workout, and I left the gym feeling energized and motivated. The great thing about jiujitsu it's that it provides you with self defense skills, discipline, and tactical thinking. Also, this gym has an fantastic after school program for kids! Definitely check out Team Randori!
Darren Fradin
Darren Fradin
02:17 31 Aug 16
We were looking for a new academy for our kids. Their first one closed and we weren't happy with the next one we went to, and then we found Team Randori. The facilities are top notch - everything is clean and new. The coaches are very good with kids, and are experienced practitioners who concentrate on building the fundamentals - not trying to teach overly complicated, trendy moves that kids can't effectively apply. Parents sit in a room upstairs where they can watch the class on video monitors, so there are no overzealous moms or dads yelling out commands to their kids while they roll. Perhaps most importantly, there are no 'cliques' - it's a very mellow, low key environment that promotes confidence in my kids, and has them looking forward to going to classes there.
Codi Mullen
Codi Mullen
17:05 05 Sep 16
Confidence, mental-toughness, and teamwork - these are the tools I have gained from joining Team Randori Martial Arts. After a few weeks, I felt like I was a part of a family amongst the staff and other members. The training was a challenge, but the coaches helped me recognize that I can train harder than I thought I was capable of. As a member of the military, I believe I can carry on these skills to my job. I am so thankful for my experience at Team Randori, for the lessons I have learned, the friendships I have made, and the training that I have received. I encourage others to check out this gym to see what an amazing community Team Randori has created.
Olesea Maleeva
Olesea Maleeva
22:04 20 Mar 17
Excellent place, my 5 year old son enjoyed it very much. He was so excited as soon as we got home after the first class, he started to practice as soon as we got home. My son started to practice with his dad, my husband has practiced Marital Arts for a long period of time, so he can tell this is the right place for our son, he find this place very professional. Instructors are well knowledge, patient, and make class fun. My son has been training for almost a year now, he is having fun while learning, they use different technique and make it fun at the same time.
Mac Kearney
Mac Kearney
12:21 23 Mar 17
I have never done anything like martial arts, and on a whim started attending Team Randori, and it has been amazing. Each session pushes me to new levels, and I am feeling healthier and more confident with every class. The Coaches, Al and Dameron are good people who you want to train with. When i was new there was never any feeling of not belonging. When I started I trained beside everyone else, and never felt out of place. Warm, welcoming, yet intense, is how I would describe it. My only regret is that it took me so long to join....
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