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“The Place People From Annapolis Come to learn Martial Arts, Get Fit, and Have Fun. – And How YOU Can Join Them”

Adults, Parents and kids all want to gain Confidence, Get Fit, and Learn to Defend Themselves.  If YOU also want to achieve these goals then this is the place.  Here you get results faster than the average martial arts student.  I mean AVERAGE students get average results don’t they? So why be average????

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Our Personal Defense System -Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Program is taught by Professional MMA Fighter Coach Dameron Kirby.  We teach the most effective fighting techniques on earth!!  Our Mixed Martial Arts Program can turn anyone, regardless of their age, gender or previous experience, into a quick and powerful, fighting machine.



Our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is designed to impart valuable life skills from self-defense to personal confidence and goal-setting.  The primary focus of this program is to develop fundamental techniques, and the ability of the child to have a solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and skills to defend themselves.



Our Kids Bully-Proof Defense System is comprised of elements of mixed martial arts solely for your child to defend themselves.  This Program is taught by Coach Dameron Kirby.  This class is designed just like our adult PDS program. As a parent you know the dangers our kids face on a day to day basis by being BULLIED by their peers.  The intent of this program is to teach your child the most effective self defense techniques on the planet as a means to ensure their safety, All the while doing it in a safe environment taught by a professional!!  Your child will learn the skills, techniques and tactics to gain a mountain of confidence!!

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Our adult Self-Defense classes are designed to provide confidence, techniques and skills that anyone, no matter their gender, age or physical abilities to effectively defend themselves.  This is NOT a traditional martial arts class that requires daily attendance.  This class is designed for the busy adult who want skills and techniques, but is limited in time.



Our adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is a program designed to teach you the ultimate in “Ground Fighting” techniques. Our Head instructor is a True Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who who also holds a Black Belt in Judo.  In this program techniques are taught that anyone from any skill level, age of capability an employ and be immediately capable of defending themselves.

 Absolutely No Experience is needed to get started!!!

We are not here to BEAT YOU UP, BELITTLE YOU or DISRESPECT YOU in the learning process.  We truly feel that it’s not what an instructor can do TO YOU, but what an instructor can do FOR YOU.  Our classes are for everyone at every skill and experience level! We are not your typical Mixed Martial Arts gym.  We TRULY can Change your Life!

It’s no secret….  We built Team Randori with three basic principals in mind.  Safety, Best Available Training, and Affordability.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our program.  If within the first 30 days of your membership you’re not truly satisfied we will gladly refund you your full tuition.  No questions asked….  So what do you have to lose?

How Often Can I Participate in The Classes?

We pride ourselves for not having a “Up-Sale” business mentality.  Simply put….  When you join our academy and decide on a program.  You get that program in its entirety.   There is NO limit to the number of classes per program jazz here.  That means.  If you join for MMA, your eligible to participate in ANY MMA class we offer, no matter the time or day of the week.  You want MMA.  You get it!!!!  Likewise, if you sign up for BJJ.  You get BJJ.   No matter the time or day of the week.  You’re eligible to participate in it.

The only program that has a catch is our Self-Defense classes.  We only offer that class once a week, and personally we don’t feel that enough.  Due to scheduling conflicts and limited space, we have decided to let the students of this program take one MMA class of their choosing a week.  That’s right, you get Self-Defense and also get one MMA class a week!!!!

See our schedule for more detail on the times and days of the week that we offer our programs.

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